Our Services

Opportunity Creation

BOLT has a track record of taking players up tiers, into new markets, and onto new clubs in their existing leagues. We use data and modern technology to create opportunities at the right clubs.


Contraction Negotiation

BOLT’s team are experts in contract negotiation. We have decades of experience in negotiating multimillion dollar contracts.


Career Consultation

BOLT’s team has former professional players who have seen what it’s like being a professional. We use that knowledge and expertise to guide our clients to make the best choices to maximize their career.


Personal and Family Support

We believe family comes first and understand the support of our athletes’ family is paramount to their success. We’ll work closely with your family to ensure they’re supported and a part of your success.


Off the Pitch Support

Focus is required in order to perform on the field. BOLT can lift the burden of off the field distractions and offer consultation on everything from getting settled in a new location to helping with work visas.