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Keeyan Bolt Sports.

Keeyan Ghazanfarpour

Keeyan Ghazanfarpour is an accomplished figure in the world of sports and technology. He has over a decade of experience in sales and client management at Google and major tech companies. Keeyan’s expertise has led to over negotiating over $66M of services throughout his career. Keeyan is licensed by both FIFA and the United States Soccer Federation as an intermediary.

A former NCAA Division One athlete, Keeyan’s playing career began in the US Soccer Development Academy, where he played for one of the top-ranked teams with US youth and future Senior National team players. He went on to lead NCAA Division One California State University, Bakersfield, a top-20 ranked team, in points per minute played. His team featured several future US and International National team players.

Keeyan’s dual expertise in sports and technology allows him to provide his clients with a unique perspective and a competitive edge. He has established strong relationships with club executives, club technical staff and advertisers, giving BOLT clients access to exclusive opportunities.

Keeyan is passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals and succeeding on and off the field.

Carson Kendall

Carson Kendall is an Associate Agent at BOLT Sports Group, fueled by a lifelong passion for sports and a deep understanding of the athlete’s journey. After successfully completing an internship at BOLT, demonstrating exceptional negotiation skills and a talent for building strong relationships with athletes, Carson is now a full-time member of the BOLT team. Carson spent three seasons playing NCAA Division One Soccer at LMU. Following his playing career, Carson pivoted, transforming from player to data-driven strategist and LMU student-manager. He spent a year building scouting reports and analyzing game data for the best young talent in the United States. This pivotal move not only fueled LMU’s historic Elite-8 run in 2023, but also ignited Carson’s true calling: empowering athletes to reach their full potential.

Carson’s dual skill set provides BOLT clients with a competitive edge. With a Business, Marketing degree in the works and 16 years of soccer experience, he understands the game from the inside out. His keen eye for talent identification, honed through scouting and data analysis, is matched by strong industry relationships he’s built over the years. And, his marketing background adds a layer of strategic communication and negotiation skills, essential for effectively showcasing soccer talent to the world.

For Carson, helping players achieve their goals isn’t just a career – it’s a mission. “I always knew my path after playing was to guide others in the soccer world,” he shares. “Witnessing the journey to the top firsthand, I understand what teams seek. My ultimate goal is to be the catalyst that propels players to their highest potential.”

Christian Wood

Christian Wood is an Advisor at BOLT Sports Group. As a former NCAA Division One athlete at Loyola Marymount University, Christian brings a unique blend of firsthand experience, academic excellence, and business acumen to BOLT as a strategic advisor.

During his time at LMU, Christian played a key role in one of the program’s most successful eras, helping the Lions achieve a top national ranking. He earned multiple individual awards, and a conference title, while also obtaining a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Following his collegiate career, Christian signed a professional contract with Jamie Vardy’s MLS Next Pro team. In his rookie season, he made 16 starts and appeared in 22 games.

Christian’s passion for the game is matched only by his commitment to helping athletes achieve their full potential. He leverages his expertise as a player, along with his experience in technology, contract negotiation, and relationship building, to provide comprehensive representation and support.

Drawing on his football knowledge, extensive network of contacts, and education from a top-tier university, Christian is uniquely positioned to advise and guide athletes as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of professional sports.

“I’ve seen firsthand what a good and bad agent looks like,” Christian says. “I remember the way I wanted to be spoken to as a player and how I wanted my relationship with an agent to be. I’m extremely excited to help BOLT’s clients succeed on and off the field.”

Our Mission & Vision

BOLT Sports Group is a boutique management firm for professional athletes founded by Keeyan Ghazanfarpour. BOLT is passionate about helping its clients succeed at the highest level on and off the field. We represent our clients with their best interests at heart and provide them with the personalized attention and support they need to achieve their goals.

Modern Representation

At BOLT Sports Group, we believe that the player agent relationship can be more than just a transactional one. We offer personalized representation to enable our clients to reach their highest potential. We take the time to get to know our players inside and out, including their background, wants, needs, goals, strengths, and style of play. Then, using a combination of data and experience, we develop a customized strategy to create opportunities that elevate their careers.

We are accountable for our clients’ success and view ourselves as their advocates, consultants, and partners. We work closely with our players to help them make informed decisions about their careers, both on and off the field.

Why Join BOLT?

  • Personalized attention and support: Our clients are not just numbers to us. As a boutique firm, we can offer individualized attention and support they need to succeed.

  • Deep understanding of the game: We are not former lawyers or talent agents. We have intimate knowledge of the game and the type of players we represent. We are experts at putting our clients in the best position to succeed.

  • Negotiation expertise: Our knowledge of the game is matched by our experience in negotiating multi-million dollar contracts. This gives us the negotiating power and expertise to get our clients the best deals possible.

  • Connections: We have strong connections in the game, which we leverage to open doors for our clients.

  • Relentless commitment: We only represent footballers we fully believe in. This means we will work relentlessly to help them achieve their goals.