What does being player-first mean? For a player to reach their full potential on the field, their management off the field should hold the interests of the player above all else. When done successfully, an intermediary is a springboard and a key component to a players career. First-rate intermediaries have the network to open doors to new opportunities, provide unbiased career advice that advances your career as a player, and maximizes the value of the athletes they represent. 

BOLT Sports Group has a reputation for being a trusted representative and advancing players careers. We have decades of experience playing the game, negotiating contracts, and building trusted relationships. Our experience combined with our player-first philosophy, enables BOLT’s clients to reach their full potential at the highest levels. BOLT isn’t just a name; it’s a promise. We promise to be your trusted confidant, your fierce advocate, and your unwavering champion. We’ll push you further, connect you wider, and celebrate your every victory.