About BOLT Sports Group

BOLT Sports Group is an elite management group for professional players and coaches in the United States. BOLT has a diverse base of clientele whose experience ranges from top-five leagues in Europe, Senior National teams in Africa, to the best domestic players in the United States.

What we do

BOLT is reimagining the player agent relationship. We offer personalized representation to enable players to reach their highest potential. We take time to learn about our clients background, wants, needs, goals, strengths, style of play, and more. Then, using a combination of art and science we execute a proven strategy to create opportunities that elevate our clients career. We take accountability for our clients’ success and form a relationship as an advocate, consultant, and partner.

Why Work With BOLT?

Most agents are either former players or businesspeople. BOLT’s leadership is both. Our playing experience means we understand the game, understand how hard our clients work, the challenges that our clients face, and where our clients will be successful. Our business acumen in Consulting, Private Equity, Sales, and Big Tech means we’re trained experts in developing the relationships our clients need, creating & negotiating contracts, and delivering results.


Players select BOLT due to our focus on their ambitions and goals. Reach out to learn more about how we can take your game and earnings to the next level.

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